Basics of Database Management System


Data is a raw and isolated facts about an entity. Most importantly, it is able to recorded.
For example: Text, Audio, Video, Image etc.


In short Information is a processed, meaning full and usable data.

Data Base:

Database is a collection of similar or related data.
For example: YouTube for video, Instagram for image, Music player for audio etc.

Database Management System:

Database Management System is a software or tools. In addition, it allow to create, manipulate and delete database.
For example: MySQL, Oracle etc.

Why Database is important:

Database overcomes disadvantages of file system.
Disadvantages of file system:
1. Data redundancy: Data redundancy means same data or information present in different file.

2. Data inconsistency: Data redundancy means same data or information present in different file and each information or data having different values.
For example: i=50 in a file and i=5 in another file.

3. Concurrent-access anomalies: It means issue in multiple operations at a time.
4. Difficulty in accessing data.
5. Security problem.
6. Integrity problem.
7. Atomicity problem.


Large database divided into two different parts (OLAP and OLTP) for fast memory access.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP):

  • Online Analytical Processing having historical data.
  • It is large in size (in TB or PB).
  • In Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) only read operations are performed.
  • In it data mining or decision-making operations are performed.
  • OLAP is deal by CEO, MD, CM, etc.

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP):

  • Online Transaction Processing having current data.
  • It is small in size (in MB or GB).
  • In Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) both read and write operations are performed.
  • In it day to day operations are performed.
  • Online Transaction Processing are deal by clerk, manager etc.

Applications of database:

E-commerce: Database is used in e-commerce web sites to manage user profile data, order details, sellers details, product details etc.

Banking system: Database is used in banking system to manage customers details (withdraw, deposit, loan etc).

And also used in university, railway, airlines etc.

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Another Topics of DBMS:
1.Entity Relationship Diagram or ER Diagram
2.Normalization in DBMS

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