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Ghamand izzat ko khaak kar deta hai,Ghamand insaan ko barbaad kar deta hai. Ghamand kal ko aaj kar deta hai.Ghamand jeet ko haar kar deta hai, Ghamand raah ko beraah kar deta hai,Ghamand nafrat...

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History of Ertugrul Ghazi

Ertugrul Ghazi was a great warrior of the 13th century. Ertugrul was born in 1190 in the present-day Turkish state of Bursa.They fought many wars with the Sulabis and Mongols for the freedom of...

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10 Ways To Make successful

Let’s know about 10 ways that will make you successful. If you follow these 10 ways regularly then I am sure it make you successful in any field. 1.Love Yourself: You alone are enough....